If you receive a message stating your MSRDP is corrupted, please click here to reinstall


Option 1:  Connecting using Remote Desktop instead of Internet Explorer

One way to connect is to use Remote Desktop. To do this, click the Start button in Windows, then click on Run (if you have Windows 7+ you can type this directly into the start menus search bar. See the picture on the left below)




Type mstsc /v www.sagets1.com  then hit the Enter key. There is a space after the mstsc and a space after the v. 




Option 2: Allow Add-on/Compatibility view.

When you first go to www.sagets1.com at the bottom of Internet Explorer, a bar will appear asking for permission. Click on Allow.






If the Connect button still does not work you will need to add this website to Compatibility View. To do this click the “gear” symbol in the top right and click Compatibility View settings.


Add www.sagets1.com to the

list and close.



















Option 3: Add www.Sagets1.com to Trusted Zone

An update to Windows has changed the default security settings for the ActiveX client, try this to fix it.

  1. Go to tools menu
  2. Select internet options
  3. Go to the security tab
  4. Select the trusted sites zone and then click the Sites button
  5. Uncheck the box “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone”
  6. Type in http://www.sagets1.com and click add
  7. Type in and click add
  8. Click close, then okay. Then restart the Internet explorer browser